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IDPs in Panglaung Facing Insufficient Drinking Water Issue

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It is reported that IDPs in Panglaung township, Southern Shan State, are having difficulties with insufficient drinking water.

Karenni IDPs at Panglaung
Karenni IDPs at Panglaung 18 March 2022

According to a 30 years old woman who is providing assistance to the IDPs, the IDPs in the areas have to stay longer; however, the humanitarian support has been decreasing which causes the drinking water shortage issue.

In some areas, people are still donating. However, some areas no longer receive aids. Some affordable family buy drinking water by themselves. Some people are using stream water for washing,” the woman who is assisting the IDPs told SHAN.

Covid-19 is another concerned issue because the IDPs are staying together as a group which is vulnerable to Covid-19 infection.

“We need medicine on our side. Currently, many IDPs are getting sick with coughing and runny nose,” the above woman added.

As the local donation decreases, IDPs are facing difficulties in term of food and medicines. Some IDPs try to find a part time job to earn a living.

Almost all of the IDPs are coming from Demosoe township and Nam Mae Khong village where heavy fights broke out between the PDF and Myanmar army. Some of them are staying with their relatives, and some of them are taking refuge at monasteries in Panglaung township.

Approximately 5,000 people have been internally displaced due to the intense gun fights between PDF forces and Myanmar army in Karenni (Kayah State). While there are some IDPs returning home, there are also some fleeing their homes everyday.

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