Chinese National Killed on New Year’s Day in Muse


A Chinese national was shot dead in Muse Township, northern Shan State, on New Year’s Day.

Chinese National Killed on New Years Day in Muse
Chinese National Killed on New Years Day in Muse

The victim, who was killed near Nam Pawt paper factory in Hko Wein village, is believed to be 25-years-old, according to information obtained by the Garuna volunteer group, based in the town of Muse.

Thaung Tun, who’s from the volunteer team, said the man was shot in his head and covered with an article of clothing. The victim was also found with his legs and arms bound with nylon rope.

A police officer from Muse Myoma police station said that two 9 mm shells lay near his body. But he had no idea who was responsible for killing the man.

Sai Aung, who lives in Muse town, told SHAN there’s many unsavoury types involved in drugs or gambling and brandishing weapons who live in the township. “Shootings of this kind frequently happen, and police usually never arrest anyone.”

Due to its location next to the border with China, it’s easy to buy guns in Muse. Many Chinese come to gamble at the many casinos in the border town. 

The Burma Army, ethnic armed organizations and various People’s Militia Forces all maintain troops in the township.

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