Township Authorities Quarantine Residents Returning from Tachileik


By Hseng Leng/SHAN

Mong Yang Township authorities are making everyone returning from Tachileik stay at a quarantine facility after an outbreak was detected in the border town along the Thai border.

Home Lockdown
Home Lockdown

The general administration officer (GAD) for the township in eastern Shan State issued an order on December 1 preventing travel to Tachileik except in an emergency.

“There have been a number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Tachileik this week. So we announced a local order to bar people from travelling there for shopping,” said Zaw Lin Htet, the GAD officer for Mong Yang Township.

Tachileik health officials detected 16 cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday, December 1, over a 24-hour period, after testing about 300 people.

Zaw Lin Htet told SHAN that residents in Mong Yang could apply for a health recommendation letter in case of emergency. But when they return, they must stay in a quarantine facility. During which time, they’re responsible for paying for their own food. Medical care will be provided free of charge.

Currently, nine people are being quarantined in the township. Security is being provided to ensure the safety of the women staying at the facility, Zaw Lin Htet said.

According to the Shan State Health Department, 53 confirmed cases have been confirmed in Tachileik.

The Ministry of Health and Sports reported 92,189 confirmed cases in Burma on December 1, while 71,343 have recovered and there’s been 1,972 deaths.

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