Authorities Blame Citizens for Increase of COVID-19 Cases


By Hseng Leng/SHAN

Shan State health officials blamed citizens ignoring health guidelines for the rising cases of COVID-19 in southern Shan State.

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Dr Zawana Ko, the deputy head of Shan State Public Health Department, told SHAN that cases are rising daily in southern Shan State because truck drivers and people returning from COVID-19 hotspots aren’t following health guidelines.

During Burma’s first wave, the doctor said most of the cases were from those returning from abroad but during the second wave it has been transmitted domestically. 

“There were only four cases in southern Shan state during the first wave. We now have 242 confirmed cases. Infection numbers increased dramatically during the second wave.”

Dr Zawana Ko said only 48 cases were acquired locally until November 20. While 136 who returned from Yangon tested positive. At the time of the press, it was unclear how the remaining 58 people were infected.

On November 25, a patient died from COVID-19 in southern Shan State. There are 75 people receiving medical treatment for the disorder.

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