Burma Army base attacked by unknown armed group


An unknown armed group attacked a Burma Army base in Hsipaw township, reportedly causing one death and injuring four others.


The attack happened at about 8 pm on May 4 at Burma Army Battalion 23 base in Dong Jarng village, north of Hsipaw township and lasted about one hour.


“A Burmese soldier was killed and four injured,” said a source close to an armed group in Hsipaw. “The unknown group knew that some Burmese soldiers had been sent to frontline combat and there was no guard at the base so they attacked.”


According to an unconfirmed report, the attack at the Burma Army Battalion 23 was carried out by the Ta’ang National Liberation Army, which is active in the area.


However, the TNLA Information Department reported that only two clashes occurring on May 4, the first at about 9 am between Mongkut and Pang Oo Long township (Maymyo township) and the second at about 6pm between Mong Long and Kyawkme township.


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