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Fighting Continues Between RCSS and PNLO In Southern Shan State

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The Restoration Council of Shan State/Shan State Army (RCSS/SSA) and the Pa-O National Liberation Army (PNLO/PNLA), are currently engaged in fighting in Mawkmai Township, despite both signing up to the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA).


On March 30, the first battle occurred in the Kadu Gyi area of Mawkmai Township, followed by a second battle near Nampartet village in the same area on March 31.

According to Tai Freedom, the news page of the RCSS/SSA, the battle was sparked by an invasion from PNLO/PNLA troops who attacked the RCSS/SSA camp located in Nampartet village. Tai Freedom has also reported that PNLO/PNLA forces have been invading the RCSS/SSA-controlled area, leading to frequent shootings.

RCSS SSA troops
RCSS SSA troops.

However, according to a ground officer from the Pa-O National Liberation Army (PNLO/PNLA) who spoke with the SHAN, the firing was a result of security forces from the RCSS side crossing into PNLO/PNLA territory.

“It was reported that the shooting happened because the other side came to this area without informing us. This kind of shooting between each other’s territory will always happen. We don’t know the details yet,” said a PNLO/PNLA official.

The same officer also mentioned that the shooting lasted for approximately 10 minutes and that the military situation on the ground is currently calm.

Despite being members of the PPST armed forces that have signed the NCA, the RCSS/SSA and PNLO forces have frequently engaged in skirmishes. Both groups are currently engaged in so-called peace talks with the Military Council, at a time when the most of Burma is engulfed in brutal war waged by the post-coup regime.

The RCSS and PNLO engaged in another battle in the Kadu Gyi area of Mawkmai Township in 2022.

Given that the RCSS/SSA and PNLO/PNLA forces are ethnic groups that have coexisted in Shan State for many years, Tai Freedom, the news page of the RCSS/SSA, reports that the RCSS/SSA will make efforts to avoid shooting and continue to seek a resolution through dialogue.

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