Child Killed During Clashes In Northern Shan State


A 12-year-old was killed and another civilian injured by gunfire during fighting between the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and the Burma Army (BA) in northern Shan State.


The KIA and the People’s Defence Force (PDF) ambushed about 80 BA soldiers in Mongmit Township (also called Moe Meik) last week.

According to a local who requested anonymity, the Kachin soldiers attacked Infantry Battalion (IB) 276 and Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) 348, under the command of Light Infantry Division (LID) 99. The groups were travelling from Hsai Leang village to Thayetcho, where the slain child and wounded civilian live.

Burma Army troops in Shan State
Burma Army troops in Shan State

“The fighting lasted for almost two hours. BA, KIA and PDF all suffered casualties during the clashes.”

The source said the resistance groups have surrounded some of BA’s camps in the township, where fighting has been frequent since early July. A BA base and a police station in Mongmit town have already been ambushed several times this month, including on 13 July.

According to a middle-aged resident who requested anonymity, there was an explosion at the junta’s base, where LIB 223, 276 and 348 are located, around noon. Another bomb exploded near the police station in Haw Nang ward.

Earlier this month, KIA and PDF fighters killed one BA soldier and wounded five others, including a high ranking officer.

According to a Shan State Progress Party (SSPP) officer, 3 BA soldiers were killed and at least 15 wounded, including a high ranking officer, in fighting with IB 223 and 276 and LID 348 between Wan Pon Kan and Wan Ohn on 1 July. One SSPP soldier was also killed and another wounded in the clashes.

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