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Teachers Find Bombs At Muse School

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The army has tightened security at all schools in Muse after bombs were found at No. 2 High School in the town in northern Shan State on the border with China.


“I’ve never seen anything like this before,” said an anonymous source, who told SHAN that he’d seen three military vehicles outside a school. “Many soldiers are guarding the schools in Muse today (14 July)” where in the past only a few soldiers were posted.

A parent said: “I think it’s good that soldiers are standing guard but we’re also worried about the safety of our children because of the presence of soldiers. School isn’t a place for the army.”

All schools in the border town were closed on on Wednesday, 13 July after the 8:30am blast at the high school in Homon ward where a total of three bombs were discovered in the football field.

School in Muse where bombs were found
School in Muse where bombs were found

According to another source, teachers alerted the armed forces after spotting a black bag, which was safely detonated. The man didn’t know what became of the other bombs.

A woman said no one was injured and that the student’s parents came to pick up their children.

Another woman, whose kids are enrolled at the school, said: “No one should do such a thing in a school where there are many children. I condemn the person who did this.”

No one has claimed responsibility for the latest attack.

Explosions at schools and other public places have become more frequent since the coup.

According to the interim National Unity Government (NUG), “all children have a right to education”. The statement from its education ministry warned that the junta will try to profit from the reopening of schools across the country by carrying out attacks and blaming resistance groups fighting to overthrow the dictatorship.

”All revolutionary forces must abide by a military code of conduct. The NUG strongly condemns any armed organisation or individual that attacks schools.”

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