Monday, September 25, 2023

RCSS Shuts Down Gambling In Langkhur

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The Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS) has forced the closure of gambling dens set up after the military coup in Langkhur, southern Shan State.


“RCSS soldiers have turned up in areas where gambling was happening and told shopkeepers to stop… all gambling paraphernalia has been removed,” an anonymous man from Langkhur told SHAN.

After the township government and a People Militia Force under the regime allowed businessmen to open gambling venues over a month ago, domestic violence has increased in the town.

Gambling in Shan State Burma
Gambling in Shan State Burma

The RCSS has put a stop to gambling in the area and “in my opinion, it’s good for the locals” said a local woman, requesting anonymity. She said that before the gambling started, the Burma Army allowed an umbrella to be hoisted on the local pagoda and a concert to celebrate the new businesses.

Since the military took over the democratic government, gambling and illegal drug use have spread to other towns in Shan State.

“It’s good if the ethnic armed organisations stop all of the gambling institutions in Shan State. Gambling creates a lot of problems for residents in our region,” said another local woman, also asking for her name to remain unpublished out of security concerns.

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