Saturday, December 3, 2022

IDPs’ Properties Confiscated by SAC and PNO Soldiers in Phaikhun

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Myanmar military junta and Pa-O National Organization (PNO) militia soldiers confiscated household materials and other properties from the internally displaced people (IDP) houses in Phaikhun township, Southern Shan State.


According to the residents, State Administration Council (SAC) and PNO soldiers are stationed at Lwe Paw village, Saung Nan Ke village, La Hel village, and Ma Kay Kham village in Phaikhun township, and they seized things from the IDPs’ homes.

“The people in those villages are internally displaced now. Only the SAC and PNO soldiers are there. They have stationed in those villages for a while. They have been stealing the villagers’ prosperities, not just now,” a man who lives in Phaikhun township told SHAN.

Houses in Paikhun Township
Houses in Paikhun Township

It is reported that a clash broke out between the local People Defense Force (PDF) and military junta and its ally PNO on 19 June 2022 while they were stealing the villagers’ properties, and there were casualties on the junta and PNO side.

“They stole everything from the village. They even took the old and broken motorcycles. While they were transporting the items, we ambushed them. There were casualties and injuries on their side – some PNO members were killed. Both military junta and PNO soldiers were in the village,” a PDF member who is based in Phaikhun township told SHAN.

Since 13 May 2022, the military junta has been offensively deploying its troops in Phaikhun township, and many of the villagers houses have been burned down.

The villages whose houses got burned are from the eastern part of Phaikhun township such as Saung Nan Ke, Lwe Pal, Nan Paw Lone, Nan Sunt, Pain Ne Kone, Ma Kay Kham, and La Hel village.

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