Urgent Need of Food and Shelters for 6000 IDPs in Phaikhun


About 6,000 people are internally displaced around Phaikhun town, Southern Shan State, and they are in urgent need of food and shelters.

Karenni IDPs at Phaikhun
Karenni IDPs at Phaikhun

According to a member of local People Defense Force (PDF), those IDPs in Phaikhun are from Karenni (Kayah State) and they made temporary tents wherever it is convenient with whatever they have.

“According to our survey, 6,000 IDPs are relocated to Phaikhun town. They are scattered around the areas, building their own shelters wherever it is convenient. We could not reach them all. We heard that some already run out of rice and cooking oil, and they need to eat everyday,” a Phaikhun PDF member told SHAN.

Those IDPs in Phaikhun are staying at monasteries, markets, relative houses, and some are staying in the jungle. They are all over the areas of Phaikhun town, and they are in need of basic necessities such as medicines, food, and shelters.

“Some are still in the jungle, and they need plastic covers, medicines, and so on. Some use whatever they have to build a tent. Some are staying at their relatives. Some are staying at local monasteries. They all have difficulties for basic needs,” the Karen Refugee Committee (KRC) told SHAN.

Many children are included among the IDPs. Additionally, the local PDF is providing assistance to about 300 IDPs who are relocated in the eastern part of Phaikhun town.

“There are about 300 IDPs in which our PDF members are taking care of. Many children are among them, we are in need of help to provide those children some sort of education. Some of our members are teaching them at the moment,” a PDF member who is based in the eastern part of Phaikhun told SHAN.

Even though the gun fights are no longer reported in Phaikhun and Moebye town, Southern Shan State,  the conflict between local PDF and Myanmar junta is still intensified in Demosoe town, Karenni (Kayah State).

The conflict started on 15 February 2022 between PDF and Myanmar military junta. The fight has been heavy and many of civilians houses and properties were burned down. Some of the locals were arrested and tortured during the conflicts.

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