Access to Water is Difficult for IDPs in Hsi Hseng township


Water shortage has been reported in some places where IDPs from Kayah (Karenni State) are taking refuge in Hsi Hseng township, Southern Shan State.

Karenni IDPs at Hsi Hseng
Karenni IDPs at Hsi Hseng

“Drinking water is manageable. However, water for showering and washing is not enough. IDPs have to go to the water sources away from the camps, and that is not convenient for everyone,” an officer from Linn Myitta Hostel volunteer group who has been with the IDPs told SHAN.

According to the officer, the IDPs who stay at the Linn Myitta Hostel are mostly children, women, and those who chronic illness. It is difficult for them to access water which is far from the hostel.

“Most of the IDPs who are staying with us at Linn Myitta are mostly children, including some serious illness like stroke. As an exception, we allow those people to use the water at the hostel. The fit ones are asked to use the water from the ponds,” the officer from Linn Myitta explained more of the situation to SHAN.

Currently, there are about 70 IDPs from Kayah (Karenni State) at Linn Myitta Hostel and they are in need of food supplies, warm clothing, and blankets.

Since 6 January 2022, the fight between local People Defense Force (PDF) and Myanmar army have been intensified which led to thousands of people fleeing their homes and seek safety nearby townships.

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