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Panglaung Covid-19 lockdown lifted, markets still shutdown

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The semi lockdown, aiming to contain the spread of Covid-19, has been lifted in Panglaung (Pinlaung) township, Southern Shan State; however, the local markets are not allowed to operate yet.

Panglaung Semi lockdown checking point in towndown
Panglaung Semi lockdown checking point in towndown

The Panglaung (Pinlaung) township lockdown was removed on November 21, 2021. Meanwhile, Panglaung Myo Ma market and other 5-days rotational market will be restricted from conducting businesses until 4th December 2021.

“The lockdown has been canceled; however, markets are still closing. Vegetables and meats are allowed to sell on the regular roadside. Nonetheless, the 5-days rotational market is closed because of the crowd on the market day – it will be suspended until 4th December 2021,” a Panglaung resident, who actively involved in battling the spread of Convid-19, informed SHAN.

Even though new positive cases are declining in Panglaung township, some restrictions will still be put in place in order to be a Covid-19 free township.

“Only one or two infected person is reported daily now. It is more in the rural surrounding villages, but not that many anymore. We will do whatever needed to be done so that there is no more infected people. If necessary, lockdown and market closure will be installed,” the person who informed SHAN added.

As of November 22, 2021, there are 20 active Covid-19 cases who are receiving treatment in Panglaung township.

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