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Sit-tat Abducts Civilians In Pinlaung

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The Burma military arrested civilians and forced them to serve as human shields after bombing a displaced camp between Pinlaung and Pekon townships in Taunggyi District, southern Shan State.


“I heard that the Burma army arrested five villagers…after attacking a medical clinic,” said a resident of Pinlaung town who wished to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals. The man couldn’t provide the names of the villagers or those arrested on 25 April.

Khun Bway Hom, in charge of the Pa-O National Defence Force – Kham Kawng (PNDF – KK), said the sit-tat killed the abductees after forcing them to serve as human shields.

“I cannot confirm the name of the Burma army battalion…We’re still inquiring about how many villagers were arrested and from which village,” he told SHAN.

According to the Karenni Nationalities Defence Force, which is fighting the military in Pekon Township, soldiers arrested some villagers from Leh Kyar in Lon Pyin village tract in Pinlaung Township on 28 April. They tied their hands behind their backs with ropes and used them as human shields.

Some resistance fighters found the body of a villager who had been used as a human shield. Wounds suggesting torture were found on the person’s body. The body was later cremated.

Khun Bway Hom said the clashes are escalating in Tawng Salon, Myauk Salon and Tawng Mae Thinn village between Pekon and Pinlaung townships. “Fighting continues in the area…almost every day. The Burma army is attacking the resistance groups with heavy weapons and jet fighters.”

Last March, the sit-tat killed at least 22 civilians, including 3 Buddhist monks, in an attack on Nam Neing in Pinlaung Township.

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