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A man died three days after recovering and discharging from the hospital

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On October 11, 2021, a man has reportedly died three days after recovering from COVID-19 and discharging from the hospital at his home in Hsihseng township, Southern Shan State. The man is 76 years old who lives in Aung Chan Tha ward in Hsihseng.

Hsi Hseng Hospital
Hsi Hseng Hospital

“He was discharged from the hospital after recovering. I heard he was given oxygen at home without the need to do so,” a volunteer Hsihseng resident told SHAN.

There are around 1,108 COVID-19 positive cases in Hsihseng township, of which 24 people have been death from the infection.

“People have been less cautious, and it has spread everywhere. Vaccines are provided, and some who have been fully vaccinated still got infected. My point is that there is not enough facility to test everyone which is the main cause of the spread,” the volunteer added.

The vaccination program has been organized by the military government and, the vaccine (Sinopharm), Chinese product, has been used. Three batches from the first round, and one batch from the second round are done in Hsihsend township.

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