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Pathogen Spreads in Shan State Under Military Council, Citizens Say

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Burma’s third wave is spreading quickly across Shan State, approaching nearly a thousand cases since a private hospital in Lashio detected an infection on June 9. In the north, there are 700 cases, in the south there are more than 100 and in the east five infections.

Covid infection dead body at Hsipaw
Photo Credit to Kan Lint Let volunteer Team – Covid infection dead body at Hsipaw

In Lashio, authorities imposed a ‘stay at home order’ and closed schools after more than 300 tested positive. “Eight people died from COVID-19 in our town,” said a parent. The source said the military council opened schools amid the political crisis without considering the “desires” of parents who didn’t want to send their kids to classes. Some restaurants and domestic airlines are also closed.

“Before the military coup, the last COVID-19 outbreak in Lashio was not as fast,” the parent said, suspicious the military is taking advantage of the situation after the emergence of People’s Defence Force because it threatens its authority.

In the second week of June, over 100 tested positive for COVID-19 in schools and government offices, however, some are still open, another parent told SHAN.

“A Grade 3 student from No 1 High School and Grade 9 student from No 7 High School tested positive for COVID-19 in Taunggyi yesterday. Their teachers told the parents to bring their children home and closed their classes. Yet, there are other classes still running.”  High schools No 7 and No 3 are still open.

A volunteer with Metta Mon social team in Nawngkio said almost 200 people tested positive in the town in northern Shan State, and one person has died from the disease. “The health workers use rapid test kits left from the previous government. In the future, I do not know how many more we can test. I think the authorities have to do something about this or there will be enormous suffering.”

In Hsipaw town, there were eight cases detected in 24-hours (June 29).

According to the Ministry of Health and Sports, which is now controlled by the military junta, between March, 2020 until this June there were over 150,000 cases in the country.

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