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Military Shoot Civilian in Northern Shan State, in Southern State Soldiers Occupy Village

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Burma Army shot and killed a civilian in northern Shan State and then paid his family money. The incident in Lashio Township came during a buildup of government and Northern Alliance troops in the area, which locals suspect will kick off hostilities.

Loong Soi Lashio Mong Het
Loong Soi Lashio Mong Het

The Burma Army soldier killed the 60-year-old man in Nam Hai village, Mong Yaw, on March 11, when a LID-88 column passed by the man’s village. After killing him, the column gave his relatives 500,000 kyat ($355). It’s unclear why he was shot. According to a rumor the man was holding a knife when the soldiers called him.

Over 300 Northern Alliance soldiers arrived in Mong Yaw on March 16. The Burma Army also sent more troops to the area.

“If Northern Alliance doesn’t withdraw from the area, I think fighting will break out in Mong Yaw,” a man familiar with the situation told SHAN.

Meanwhile in southern Shan State,villagers fled their homes when 200 soldiers arrived on March 17, a man from Moebyel town told SHAN.

Residents tried to stop the army from entering Falai and Lehton villages, the man said, but left after soldiers fired teargas, rubber bullets and noise bombs. Locals don’t why the Burma Army is staying in their villages.

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