Tuesday, March 21, 2023

COVID-19 Detected in Laikha Township

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By Hseng Leng/SHAN

The township of Laikha, located in southern Shan State, is experiencing its first cases of COVID-19, after two young women tested positive for the virus after returning from Yangon.

COVID text at Laikha
COVID text at Laikha

“They went to Yangon to attend a training but when they couldn’t join they returned to Laikha by taxi,” explained Than Naing, the general administration department officer for the township.

The disorder was detected after the two women were tested while in quarantine. “Her parents sent them food at the quarantine center and now they all have to stay at the facility,” Than Naing told SHAN. 

No one else had contact with the women in the township. Despite this, the transmissions have caused fear among the residents in the small farming township.

Laikha COVID
Laikha COVID

Nang Phwe Hseng, from the town of Laikha, told SHAN after hearing about the two cases no-one dares to venture outside. The ward officer and village headmen are encouraging everyone to stay indoors.

One of the women is from Panglong town and the other is a native of the town of Laikha. 

The Ministry of Health and Sports reported 95,018 confirmed cases in Burma on December 3, while 73,748 and 2,028 have died.

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