Wednesday, February 1, 2023

24-hour Electricity Coming To Eastern Shan State

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Some areas in eastern Shan state with limited electricity can expect to have power around the clock soon, according to the Shan State government.

Already some parts of the state like Mong Peng Township have received 24-hour electricity. Kengtung, the capital of eastern Shan State, will be next.

“In eastern Shan State, Mong Peng Township was the first to receive 24-hour electricity,” said Sai Hla Win, a councillor for the township.

Last year, during the 18th session of Parliament, Sai Hla Win asked whether eastern Shan State would get hooked up to the national power grid. The Minister of Electricity committed to this by April 2020.

Sai Hla Win told SHAN that Mong Peng received regular power from a sub-station in Namsang from June 7. Prior to that, the township received only enough power for three to four hours each evening.

Soe Nyunt Lwin, Shan State minister of Planning and Economy, said eastern Shan State has lagged behind other districts because of the scarcity of power.

“Eastern Shan State did not receive regular electricity in the past. As a result, the SME (small-medium enterprise) sector didn’t develop in eastern Shan State. Socio-economic, educational and health care in eastern Shan state are also behind other districts. Eastern Shan State now receives 24-hours of electricity,” the minister wrote on his Facebook page.    

Nang Wam, from Kengtung, says they’ve been dealing with insufficient power for many years and buying their electricity for 100 kyat (est. 7 cents) a unit from a private company. She says they spent too much, and power shortages hampered their work schedule.

“We didn’t get regular electricity. It didn’t come on time. And our rice cooker was frequently broken. We used a generator, so it cost a lot.”

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