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KBZ Bank Pledges Help For Cabbage Farmers

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The KBZ Bank in Burma vowed to help farmers in southern Shan State who have been hit hard by the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus lockdown by pledging to buy over a quarter million heads of cabbage.

Representatives of the private commercial bank said the cabbages it purchases will be donated to other communities across the country also struggling during the pandemic.

KBZ Bank pledged to buy 300,000 cabbages from growers around Nawng Tayar, located in Panglaung township, and will donate them to families in Yangon, Mandalay, Myingyan, Yamaethinn, Mawlamyine and Ayethayar.

Ko Tu Nge, chair of the Food Supporting Committee of Shan State, told SHAN that Thray Sithu Aung Ko Win, who owns KBZ Bank, will buy the produce that farmers cannot sell and give them to communities in need. The bank will also foot all the transportation costs.

Tin Htut Oo, the director of the agriculture department for Shan State, told SHAN the government is working with the growers to distribute what the bank buys to individuals and orphanages. “The Burma Army will give some of the cabbages to their families,” he said.

During the nationwide lockdown, travel restrictions made it difficult and expensive for farmers to send their agricultural products to markets in central Burma. They have been calling for government assistance to help them during these difficult times.

Cabbage is being cultivated on over 100,000 acres in Panglaung and Kalaw townships.

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