14 people tested positive of COVID-19 on Panglaung market day


On October 18, 2021, 14 people were tested positive of COVID-19 at Myoma market in Panglaung township, Southern Shan State. All of them are now receiving treatment at Panglaung hospital, and those who visited the market on October 18 must quarantine themselves at home.

Test Covid at Panglaung
Test Covid at Panglaung

“A total of 14 people were tested positive. They are among the people who have been tested that day when they came to the market. They have been sent to the Panglaung hospital, and those who visited the market that day must do self-quarantine at home,” a social welfare volunteer in Panglaung told SHAN.

Regardless of the infection at the market, officials still allow the trading at the market as usual the next day. Local residents fear that outbreak will occur again in Panglaung township.

The volunteer continued “Market opens today. Some people were tested positive yesterday. I am so worried that the case will increase again in Panglaung township even though the spread has declined in the city of Panglaung”.

Panglaung market was so crowded with people yesterday, and many of them were from the villages around Panglaung township.

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