Man Gets Coronavirus After Attending Religious Sermon


A resident of eastern Shan State contracted COVID-19 after attending a religious event in Yangon. He was tested after it was discovered others that attended the same event became infected with the novel coronavirus.

The 23-year-old man, who is Burma’s case-64, flew to Kengtung from Yangon and returned to his village by car with 3 family members. After the man’s test came back positive, his family were also tested and they’re waiting for their results from the National Health Laboratory in Yangon, the only facility in the country equipped to check for the virus.

The man is receiving medical treatment in Kengtung hospital. Twenty-five passengers that were on the same flight as the man have been quarantined.

2nd news Mongpyat 5
2nd news Mongpyat 5

A resident of the village where the man is from told SHAN all of the shops and the market in the town have been closed. Everyone is staying indoors and the town is silent, he said. “Authorities sprayed disinfectants around the market and other areas around town yesterday (April 14). We’re all worried about the virus spreading in our town.”

There are 85 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Burma according to information by the Ministry of Health and Sports on April 16. There have been 4 deaths from the virus and 2 that were infected have recovered. In Shan State, there are 3 confirmed cases. There is 1 in the north, 1 in the east and 1 in the south.

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