Statement regarding the 68th Anniversary of Union Day



1. The United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC) recognizes Union Day, which falls on February 12, as an auspicious and historic day on which all the ethnic brothers, with true aspiration and objective of living together in coexistence in a free, just and prosperous society, vowed and concluded together an agreement, at Panglong Town in Shan State, for the establishment of a Federal Union.

2. However, all the ethnic nationalities, though they have vowed and acceded to such an agreement, have to face and go through unfortunately and precariously the civil war for over 60 years.

3. Each and every nationality, with the aim of liberating itself from long years of all the tragic sufferings, has the duty to realize the unfulfilled aspirations and pledges of our leaders, who had unanimously vowed and signed the agreement on February 12, 1947.

4. On the basis of this duty, President U Thein Sein and his government have been endeavoring along with the ethnic nationalities to reach a Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement in order to help end the prolonged civil war., and in his radio speech on December 2, 2014, he had made known already to the country by openly stating that “an agreement for the establishment of a Federal Union has been achieved firmly.”

5. Accordingly, the UNFC has total desire for all to pledge and sign an “Agreement relating to the establishment a Federal Union” together with the government led by President U Thein Sein, on the occasion of 68th Anniversary of the Union Day, which falls on February 12, 2015, to uphold the establishment of a Federal Union based on democratic rights and national states, with full national equality and self-determination, as yearned for by the entire people. The UNFC issues this position statement that by signing this Agreement together, the President and ethnic nationality leaders will further strengthen mutual trust and recommit to concluding the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement without delay.

Central Executive Committee
The United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC)

Khu Oo Reh General Secretary Phone: +66(0)84-805-1344
Col. Hkun Okker Joint General Secretary (1) Phone: +66(0)81-950-2158

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