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PMF-run Casinos Threaten Southern Shan State Communities

The junta has given the Southern Shan State People's Militia Force (PMF) the green light to open a gambling house in Homong, the former...

Villagers Displaced by Violence Between Multiple Armed Groups

Since the military coup, over one-thousand civilians have been displaced by fighting between multiple ethnic armed organizations (EAOs) and the Burma Army in three...

Pregnant Woman and Man Killed During Shelling

A pregnant woman and a man were killed after a shell landed in their village in Burma's  Kyaukme Township in northern Shan State during...

Military Standoff Prevent Civilians From Returning Home

Civilians are caught between a military standoff between warring ethnic armed organizations (EAOs) in Kyaukme Township, northern Shan State. According to a civil society organization...

Shan Armed Groups Attempt to Forge Understanding

Representatives of two Shan ethnic armed organizations (EAOs) fighting each other in northern Shan State spoke by telephone on December 10. Lt-Col Oum Khur, spokesperson...

CSOs Condemn Armed Groups for Kidnapping & Extortion

The Association for Human Rights and Justice Initiative (HRJI) and several civil society organizations (CSOs) condemned an ethnic armed organization (EAO) after it allegedly...