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TNLA Promises Retaliation After Regime Shells Mogok Camp

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The Military Council has violated its ceasefire yet again by attacking a Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) camp with artillery in Mogok Township, the Ta’ang armed group told SHAN.

TNLA, which is the armed wing of the Palaung State Liberation Front, stated that Infantry Battalions 148 and 71 in Phyu Yawng shelled its position four times in Nyaung Kon, Mandalay Region, near northern Shan State, on May 4th.

A female TNLA information officer said, “Our soldiers are closely monitoring the junta’s military activities in the area and are preparing to respond to its artillery attack.”

Since Three Brotherhoods Alliance—TNLA, Arakan Army, and Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army—signed a ceasefire dubbed the Haigeng Agreement with the regime, brokered by China in Kunming in January, they have faced shelling and airstrikes on their camps on several occasions.

Political analysts noted that artillery strikes on the TNLA’s camps in northern Shan State in the last week of April occurred when Lt-Gen Yar Pyae was visiting China.

Representatives from Three Brotherhoods Alliance are expected to meet with representatives of the Military Council this month.

The Haigeng Agreement was achieved after representatives from Three Brotherhoods Alliance met for three rounds with regime members in China. However, locals have been quick to point out that despite this agreement, nothing has really changed on the ground, with sporadic clashes still happening.

According to the ceasefire, both sides have agreed to avoid fighting and engage in dialogue to resolve any misunderstandings. Three Brotherhoods Alliance cannot attack the regime’s camps or bases, and the Burma army must cease airstrikes and artillery attacks on areas in Three Brotherhoods Alliance’s territory.

According to TNLA, the regime shelled them in Nawngkio Township on April 27th and 28th, injuring a 60-year-old woman and damaging at least two homes in Thon Sel.

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