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Burma Army Seize Three TNLA Camps in Muse

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On Wednesday, a Buddhist monk was wounded by shrapnel from a shell fired at Prayer Mountain near Jea Lant village, amidst the ongoing conflict between Military Council soldiers and the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) in Muse Township, northern Shan State.

“I do not know which armed organization fired the three shells that struck Prayer Mountain. The abbot suffered shrapnel injuries on his head, arms, and legs. He is currently receiving medical treatment in the hospital,” said Aik Lam (not his real name). Several communication towers next to the mountain were also damaged by the shells.

The regime has troops stationed on Prayer Mountain, and the TNLA has a camp on top of Loi Tay Mueng Mountain, which is regularly shelled.

According to an anonymous analyst from Muse, the regime seized a TNLA camp at the base of Loi Tay Mueng, the Kawng Lain Liang military camp, and another camp near Kawng Lain Liang on 19 September. He didn’t have any information about casualties from either side.

“I think there are over 300 TNLA soldiers, including a commando unit, fighting against the Burma army in Muse Township.”

The Myoma, Pan Say, and Pang Hser People’s Militia Forces are assisting the Light Infantry Division 99 during attacks against the Ta’ang armed group, the analyst said.

A woman from Mang Kang in Jea Lant village-tract was injured by shrapnel on Monday, 18 September. The next day, three families from Zan Sar village were also hurt, and two civilian houses were destroyed by shelling.

The local government has imposed a curfew from 10 pm to 4 am and prohibited gatherings of five or more people.

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