Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Escalating Conflict Forces Civilians to Seek Refuge in Northern Shan State

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As fighting continues between various armed groups and the Military Council in northern Shan State, civilians within the conflict zone are seeking refuge from the escalating violence.

An anonymous source informed SHAN that heavy fighting involving heavy and light gunfire broke out between the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and Burma army troops from 16-17 September, between Ho Nawng and Peing Kang villages.

“People from Ho Nawng and Peing Kang have sought shelter in a Buddhist monastery in Kun Kok,” the source told SHAN. The clashes, occurring in Hsenwi Township in Lashio District, forced at least 80 people to seek shelter.

Another local anonymous source explained that three civilians were trapped in the middle of the fighting for at least 20 minutes while returning from their farm. “After hearing gunfire, they returned home. They ran into Kachin soldiers on the street, who didn’t allow them to travel. Later, they encountered Burmese soldiers, who also wouldn’t allow them to go home.”

According to locals, the Burma army looted homes and grocery stores in Ner Hsawt after the fighting on 7 September.

In Muse Township, along the border with China, fighting continues between the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) and soldiers from the Military Council near Weing Nang.

A local anonymous source said that on 18 September, “TNLA troops clashed with the Burma army on a hill in southern Weing Nang. They continue to use light and heavy weapons on the hill.” Fighting started in the village on 18 September. The day before, a shell destroyed a home in Weing Nang.

The Burma army shelled eastern Loi Tay Mueng hill with a 60 mm mortar from its hilltop camp near San Hser in the township around 10 am on 18 September.

The Burma army has launched offensives attempting to seize the Loi Tay Mueng and Mang Weing area from TNLA troops.

SHAN couldn’t independently verify this information or confirm any civilian or army casualties.

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