Sunday, June 23, 2024

Villagers Escape Pekon Clashes

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Six villages are affected by fighting as the regime and the Pa-O National Organisation (PNO) attack the People’s Defence Forces in Pekon town in southern Shan State, next to the border with Karenni State.


“Fighting in the area will continue to escalate because the Burma army and the PNO have launched an offensive operation,” said a man who wishes to remain anonymous and helping villagers from Tawng Salon, Myauk Salon, Lon Pyin, No No and Tawng Mae Thinn.

“Fighting can happen anytime and anywhere in this area,” he said, expecting the violence to drive more civilians from their homes.

Yesterday morning there were clashes between Hkawng Ei and Shwe Pyi Aye.

“We can hear gunshots from our house,” the man said.

Last month, at least four people died and four are still missing in clashes in Pinlaung Township, which is next to Pekon.

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