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USDP Chairperson Meets Ethnic Nationalities in Shan State Capital Taunggyi

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On Monday 16, the military-backed Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) chairperson travelled to Shan State, capital Taunggyi, meeting with the ethnic nationalities and culture association discussed about the junta’s 2023 election plan.


At the meeting, U Khin Yi told the attendants to be united as all ethnic nationalities live in the same land and drink water from the same river. With all ethnic nationalities united, the election will be successfully held. He urged and sought for local collaborations to join the general election.

USDP chairperson meets with ethnic nationalities culture asssociations in Shan State capital Taunggyi
USDP chairperson meets with ethnic nationalities culture asssociations in Shan State capital Taunggyi.

“We received invitation letter, therefore we attended. They invited 4 people from each group but only two people from our group attended. The other organizations four people attended. It was strange that 8 people from Pa-O groups attended. Approximately, there were about 40 people attended.” said meeting participant Sai Kham Noot.

At the meeting, several ethnic representatives from the cultural associations based in Shan State attended. They were Pa’ O, Shan, Kokang, Intha, Taung Yoe, Palaung, and Yang Lai. However, Danu did not turn up

USDP Invitation letter
USDP Invitation letter.

USDP chairperson U Khin Yi reportedly made his first visit to the ethnic state. Previously, he met with pro-military political parties in Naypyitaw.

An anonymous person who attended the meeting told SHAN that the meeting was organized by USDP. He added that, “They mainly discussed about 2023 election plan. Some attendants are the ‘follower’, they attended as they were told.”

The junta leader, Min Aung Hlaing said earlier this month that his regime will seek to hold general election. The junta-appointed election body is currently conducting data collection to update voter lists.

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