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Junta Forces Interrogate Pindaya Civilians About PDF

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On Tuesday, the Pa-O People’s Militia Force (PMF), Burma Army and Pyusawhtee, which is a civilian reserve force, harassed civilians crossing the Koe Lone Bridge near Kyauk Su village, asking them to report if they saw or heard any activities by groups opposing the military regime in Pindaya Township, southern Shan State.


”They threatened us by pointing their gun while questioning us. We don’t know anything about the People’s Defence Force (PDF) in this area,” a Pindaya man told SHAN, asking that his identity be protected.

SAC officers interrogate PDF members
SAC officers interrogate PDF members

”I don’t think the PDF have been active in our area for a long time.”

After last year’s coup, the PMF was transformed from the Pa-O National Army and is now firmly under the control of the regime.

The junta has provided the Pyusawhtee with training and weapons while local municipal servants have pressured civilians to support the military’s Union Solidarity and Development Party in the 2023 national elections.

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