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Nawngkio IDPs Urgently Need Aid

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Villagers uprooted by recent fighting between the Mandalay People Defence Force (PDF) and the Burma Army (BA) in northern Shan State are receiving only humanitarian aid from a Buddhist association.


“Most people couldn’t bring anything with them when they fled,” a woman helping them, told SHAN on condition of anonymity.

Another anonymous woman reported that she and other villagers walked for an hour to reach safety: “We heard gunfire outside our village. When it came closer, we fled.”

IDPs in Nawngkio
IDPs in Nawngkio

She explained that the food they were offered at the temple was quite simple. “Today we’ve eaten yellow bean curry and fried chili with rice.”

A man helping them, who requested anonymity, said: “I think the food rations have almost run out, but I heard that a private donor could bring more.”

“When the clashes stop, they’ll return to their village. Right now it’s impossible because the BA soldiers are staying in their villages. I think they’ll have to stay in Doe Pin for several days more.”

IDPs in Nawngkio having foods
IDPs in Nawngkio having foods

About 600 people from Lon Khin, Nar Hker and Kyan Khin in Nawngkio Township affected by the violence have sought refuge in the village since fighting broke out on 24 August.

Comrade Moe Joe, a PDF officer, said: “Some of our soldiers suffered minor injuries and several BA soldiers were killed in the clashes,” he said, from which the PDF withdrew after the regime sent in an attack helicopter as well as shelling them with artillery. Clashes also occurred near Yadanar Theingi in Nawngkio Township from August 3-5, killing at least 6 BA soldiers.

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