Hundreds Of Junta Soldiers Arrive In Nawngkio Township


The Mandalay People’s Defence Force (PDF) and the Burma Army (BA) are battling it out in Nawngkio Township, northern Shan State, after 200 regime soldiers entered the area.

Mandalay PDF
Mandalay PDF

According to Comrade Moejo, a PDF officer, at least 6 BA soldiers have been killed and more than 30 wounded in the three days that the BA has been shelling resistance forces with 60mm mortars and RPG-7s.

The situation near Yadana Theingi was unstable, the officer told SHAN, advising locals to avoid travelling near the BA.

Mandalay PDF signs for registration
Mandalay PDF signs for registration

All the villagers of Yadana Theingi have been displaced by the conflict, which began on 3 August. On the same day, there were clashes between another PDF group and the BA in Mongmit Township, in the northern state.

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