Burma Army Shoots Civilians In Southern Shan State


Four men were injured when the Burma Army (BA) indiscriminately fired into a village in southern Shan State on Wednesday morning.


Two of the four villagers from Lae Pyin suffered serious injuries during the attack. An elderly man was shot in the head and a youth was also badly hurt. All of the victims have been sent to the hospital.

A local man didn’t know why the army opened fire in the village, which is outside of Pindaya in the township sharing the same name. He said the school was closed following the attack and the students and the other residents were terrified.

Pindaya Township
Pindaya Township

After the army shot up Lae Pyin, a civilian resistance group killed a BA soldier and wounded another. The wounded soldier was sent to Aungban hospital.

In a 29 June statement, the Joe Phyu Guerrilla Force, which is based in Pindaya and Ywa Ngan townships, warned it would ambush a BA column with landmines.

The BA has been sending many troops to find People’s Defence Force fighters in Ywa Ngan Township. Many villagers have been detained after they were fingered by informants.

According to a youth from Kyauk Nget, who requested anonymity, seven people were detained in Sinsar Pyar on 26 June, but he couldn’t say where they were taken. Soldiers also attacked a home in Sinsar Pyar and six houses and two vehicles in Kyauk Nget.

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