Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Regime Targets Youths In Lashio

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The Burma Army (BA) detained twenty youths from Lashio over two days in northern Shan State. According to an anonymous source, one of those arrested posted a prayer on Facebook for Aung San Suu Kyi, recently moved to solitary confinement after being placed under house arrest during the coup.


“If they find evidence that the youths have been collecting money for NUG (National Unity Government) and the PDF (People’s Defence Forces), they’ll send them to an interrogation centre,” he told SHAN. The source said they’ve released some youths in the past after taking money.

The soldiers threatened the youth’s family members that something bad could happen to their offspring if they talked about their dentention.

Lashio prison in Shan State Burma
Lashio prison in Shan State Burma

An anonymous youth collecting for a PDF said it’s become riskier after many youths were arrested. During interrogation, those arrested revealed names and information about other youths involved in the armed struggle.

”We have to consider our family because they’ll confiscate our house if they find out that someone is working with a PDF or NUG.”

There’s also a problem with fraudsters pretending to raise money for the resistance, he said, and that’s the reason why donations are going down.

According to a man close to the prison authorities, the BA has locked up many innocent people in Lashio prison while releasing many thieves who commit crimes after their release.

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