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A Woman Killed After a PNO Member Shot at a Man Fighting Each Other

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Some young people got into a fight, and a Pa-O National Organization (PNO) member shot at one of the young men but missed and accidentally hit and killed a woman in Hsai Khao village, Hsi Hseng Township, Southern Shan State.


On 14 June 2022 around 6 PM, some young men were drunk and got into a fight. The PNO soldier were trying to break the fight, but got infuriated by one of the men. He shot that men but missed and hit a woman nearby. The woman was then sent to Sao Sam Tun hospital in Taunngyi according to a Hsai Khao resident.

Hsai Khao village signboard
Hsai Khao village signboard

“While some young men were drinking and fighting one another, a PNO soldier came in to break the fight. One of the men shouted at the soldier, he was shot but missed and hit a woman nearby,” the above Hsai Khao resident told SHAN.

The man also added that the woman who got shot and killed is from Thiri sub-tract, Hsai Khao village, and she was transferred to Sao Sam Tun Hospital in Taunggyi.

The youth from Hsai Khai village are saddened by the news, and that PNO member should not recklessly fire their weapon at civilians.

Hsai Khao village
Hsai Khao village

“I am sad for the woman who loss her life meaninglessly. A proper punishment should be given for recklessly using a weapon. The organization collect 30,000 Kyat from each household, and it is saddened to see they are targeting the civilians,” Hsai Khao youth told SHAN.

No action has been taken by any officials against the PNO member up to date.

The military-backed PNO/PNA has been enlisting new recruits, and collect 30,000 Kyat and 5 Kilos of rice from each household from Hsi Hseng township, Panglaung township, and Ho Pong township.

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