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The IDPs in Pindaya Face Inadequate Supplies

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The internally displaced people (IDPs) relocating to Pindaya township, Southern Shan State, are now experiencing food and sheltering issues during this raining season. 


According to a 30 years old man who is helping the IDPs, the 250 IDPs, who moved to Pindaya township due to the heavy gun fight between the local People Defense Force (PDF) and Myanmar military junta, need an urgent support of medicine, clothing, and women monthly hygienic supplies.

“Women are in a more critical situation. The reason is that it is difficult for them to have enough clothing to change during this raining season; meanwhile, they do not have enough supplies of their monthly hygienic needs. So, I would like to request for donors and other generous persons to make donations,” the above 30 years old man told SHAN.

The man also added that those IDPs are now staying at Aung Chin Taw Ya monastery in Pindaya township, and around 75 IDPs are women and children and elderly people are also included.

Currently, there are a total of 800 IDPs from Ywar Ngan township where 250 of them are relocating to Pindaya township, and the rest are still on the move nearby villages and jungles according to a man who lives in Ywar Ngan township. 

“Some are taking refuge at the city’s monasteries while some others are living with their relatives and friends. Some are still on the run in the jungle, and they are in need of raincoat and food,” quoted by the above young man.

Myanmar military junta and Phyu  Saw Htee armed group are making a co-operation mission to attack, arrest, and kill people in Ywar Ngan township which resulted the civilians to flee their homes. 

Those people who fled their homes were from the Nwar Ban Gyi village, Lal Khaing village, Lwa Sin village, and Pae Yin Taung village. It is also reported that many houses from those areas were burned down by the military junta.

Even though there has been no Myanmar military operation base in Ywar Ngan township, the revolution activities were very strong that Myanmar military junta needed to deploy its troops into the areas to tackle the local PDF. So far, four PDF members were killed while military junta faced at least 11 casualties. 

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