5,000 IDPs in Hsi Hseng Township


It is reported that the 5,000 internally displaced people (IDPs) in Hsi Hseng township are facing food and supplies shortage.

IDPs at Hsihseng
IDPs at Hsihseng

Those IDPs in Hsi Hseng township came from Phaikhun township, Southern Shan State, where the intense fight between the People Defense Force (PDF) and Myanmar military junta occurred early May 2022.

“Only within this week, there are about 5,000 IDPs from Phaikhun and Moebye township. Currently, the urgent support needed are the food and supplies. We are now trying to collect the IDPs data,” the 28 years old man who has been supporting the IDPs told SHAN.

Those IDPs are spreading throughout Hsi Hseng township – some are staying at the villages next to Hsi Hseng, some are staying with their relatives and friends houses, and some are sheltering at the local monasteries. 

“Since early this year, there are totally over ten thousand IDPs relocating to Hsi Hseng township. Some IDPs who came here have their houses burned down while others houses were damaged by the artillery shelling,” a person who is currently supporting IDPs told SHAN.

Since 12 May 2022, the armed conflict between the local PDF and Myanmar military junta broke out, and the junta occasionally used air strike in the fight against the PDF.

Moreover, on 16 May 2022, the Myanmar military junta burned down the whole village in Saung Kae village, Phaikhun township. 

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