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Burma Army Killing Civilians In Ywar Ngarn Township

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According to a prominent Shan group, the regime murdered 10 civilians in Ywar Ngarn Township in southern Shan State from February to April.

Ywarngarn case SHRF statement
Ywarngarn case SHRF statement

”Instead of protecting civilians, they’re committing human rights violations. They’ve become the enemy of the people,” said Sai Hor Seng of Shan Human Rights Foundation (SHRF). He told SHAN that they’ve published a report to expose the Burma Army’s (BA) crimes against rural people.

During the same period, SHRF found that regime forces abducted 25 people and set fire to 13 houses.

On 15 February, BA shot and killed 21-year-old Maung Zin Min Khine as he returned to Nabang Gyi from Karenni State, where he was working. The young man’s body was sent to the Kalay hospital and cremated without his family’s knowledge.

Over 800 villagers from Nabang Gyi, Lwa Sin, Lae Kai and Pae Yin Tawng, who fled BA offensives, are hiding in the jungle.

In March, BA abducted three people and destroyed five houses. Soldiers murdered six people from Pae Yin Tawng in mid-April because they were accused of supporting the resistance. Earlier that month, seven people were abducted and eight houses destroyed.

The People’s Defence Force (PDF) killed at least four soldiers in an ambush on a BA column on 9 April. Since then, the regime has been going from village to village, interrogating civilians and searching for the PDF’s camp in Ywar Ngarn Township.

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