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One of the Two Men Killed by Landmine While Hunting in Mongkung Township

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It is reported that two men from Tong Keng village, Tong Lao tract, Mongkung township, Southern Shan State, stepped on a landmine while they were hunting, and one of them was killed.

Tong Keng village Tong Lao Mong Kung
Tong Keng village Tong Lao Mong Kung

On 16 April 2022 during water festival, Loong Sam and Loong Lam both over 40 years old went hunting and stepped on a landmine. Long Sam died of his severe injuries and Loong Lam’s legs were also badly damaged, and he has been receiving treatments at a hospital.

“We do not know which armed group planted the mine. They did not even reach the hunting ground, they were still around the farms when the explosion occurred. I do not know how many of them were there. In the past, around 15 people went together to hunt,” a man who lives in Tong Keng village told SHAN.

A man was killed due to the landmine explosion, and Long Lam was badly injured and he was receiving treatments at Nam Lan hospital. He is now discharged and staying at home with his family. 

“On the incident day, he was taken to Nam Lan hospital. He is now discharged and staying at home. He is not recovered from the injuries yet. I do not know why he was discharged, it could be because they are afraid that his legs would be cut because of severe injuries,” a man who is closed to the victim’s family told SHAN.

This incident is the first time occurred in Tong Keng village, Tong Lao tract and the residents are scared and worried to go around and work on the farms.

“We have never experienced this in the past. Everyone is scared now. It would be difficult to go hunting and farming in the future. We all are worried that we could step on the landmine like this,” a Tong Keng native told SHAN.

The clash between the Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS/SSA) and Shan State Progressive Party (SSPP/SSA) started around October 2021 in Mongkung township. Because of that, many people have been displaced and the natives are occasionally injured due to the planted landmines.

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