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Two PDF Casualties from a Clash in Pindaya Township

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A clash occurred at a military junta checking gate near Thit Elbin village, Ywar Nge ward, Pindaya township, Southern Shan State, and two young men assumed to be PDF members were killed and their corpses were taken by the military junta soldiers.


On 4 April 2022 around 3 P.M, a military junta check point was attacked by two young motorcycle riders, and both of them including a couple of military soldiers were killed according to the residents.

“Two young men rode a motorcycle and when they reached the gate, they shot the soldiers there with a short gun. The soldiers shot back, and they tried to run away. But they got shot and were arrested,” a man who knows about the incident told SHAN.

The dead bodies of the two men were taken by the military soldiers and guarded at a mortuary.

“The two young men dead bodies were taken to a mortuary. About 30 soldiers are guarding the mortuary because of the concerns that the corpses might be stolen,” a man who lives in Pindaya told SHAN.

At least two military soldiers were also killed and many injured from the clash.

From the military propaganda telegram channel, People’s Voice, it was reported that the two young men were killed when the clash broke out while checking them at the gate. A Newington NH USA pistol, ten 9 mm bullets, an ID card, and two Redmi mobile phone were confiscated.

On the night of the incident, another young man who lives in Ywar Thit ward was arrested, and soldiers and police were patrolling the whole Pindaya township the next day.

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