Friday, March 1, 2024

Robberies Increase In Shan State After Coup

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Masked robbers have looted $56k from a bank in Hsipaw in northern Shan State.

KBZ bank11
KBZ bank

Police said they were still investigating and hadn’t confirmed whether anyone was injured when three people robbed the KBZ Bank at around 3pm on Monday.

After the heist, police arrived at the scene with soldiers and ward administration officials. CCTV footage was being analysed and police were questioning residents in the area.

On Sunday, a telephone shop was robbed in Nawngkio Township on the Union Highway.

“No one was hurt, but the robbers took 6 mobile phones and over $300 from the phone shop,” a man working for a social volunteer team told SHAN.

Since the military coup, crime has increased in the country.

“The political situation is unstable, COVID-19 has spread in our town, it’s difficult to find work and at the same time robberies and petty thefts have increased, which makes us worried about our safety,” said a woman from Nawngkio town.

In late January, thieves robbed gold jewellery and money from a gold shop in Bang Bwe in Nawngkio Township. Police haven’t yet arrested anyone for the crime.

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