Myanmar junta arrested 6 cowherds, 3 cows taken in Phaikhun


On 21 December 2021 around 8 A.M , Myanmar junta soldiers arrested 6 cowherds and took away three cows while raiding a village called See Mee Lock in Phaikhun (Pekon) township, Southern Shan State.

Pekon Paikhun
Pekon Paikhun

The 6 people were questioned and beaten before releasing them.

“They (the SAC soldiers) fired their guns when entering into the village. They captured 6 people while raiding the village. Those people were plain civilians tending the cows herd. One of them was beaten by the stock of a gun. They are all released now,” a local resident who does not want to be named told SHAN.

The Myanmar junta soldiers asked if People Defense Force (PDF) forces came to the area, and they also asked for three cows, and threaten to arrest the six again if not given.

“They questioned if there is anyone linking to the PDF. They are tracking the PDF forces. They released the six; however, they asked for three cows. If not given, they threaten to come back and make the arrest again,” a man who lives in See Mee Lock village anonymously told SHAN due of his safety concern.

Myanmar junta army brought over 150 soldiers when they came into See Mee Lock village.

Over 20 people have been detained by the Myanmar army up to date in Phaikhun township, Southern Shan State.

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