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Schools to resume amid Covid-19 concerns in Paunglaung township

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Concerns mounted as non-CDM (Civil Disobedience Movement) officers are preparing the reopening of government schools in Panglaung (Pinlaung) township, Southern Shan State.

School at Panglaung
School at Panglaung

On November 30, 2021, several non-CDM education staffs met at a local school in order to discuss the reopening of the government schools in Panglaung township.

“Schools will resume in Panglaung. Teachers started going to school today. No confirm date yet for the students to go to school. If schools reopen, we are worried that Covid-19 cases will spike again,” a woman who lives in Panglaung expressed her concerns to Shan Herald.

Even though the positive cases are decreasing in Panglaung, there are unreported cases who secretly receive treatment at home. Therefore, the local residents are anxious about the spread of Covid-19.

“Yes, we are worried about the spread of Covid-19. Though no active cases in the city, there are some unreported cases. One is still receiving treatment at the hospital. Some try to treat themselves at home. So, we are worried if schools are restarting,” a health volunteer based in Panglaung told SHAN.

The Ministry of Education under the State Administration Council (SAC) has made an announcement on November 19, 2021 that preparation has been made to reopen schools in fourteen townships in Shan State.

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