Myanmar junta arrested six Phaikhun residents, three missing


Six Phaikhun (Pekon) residents, Southern Shan State, have been abducted by the military junta on 8 November 2021, and it is reported that three people out of six arrested are missing.

Phaikhun residents thats Myanmar junta arrested
Phaikhun residents thats Myanmar junta arrested

According to the sources, three of those six people taken away are detained at the Phaikhun (Pekon) police station, and the other three is missing.

“I have heard that three people are kept at the Phaikhun police station. However, the rest are missing. There is no news about them, and they have not been released too,” a local source who has a close link to the six detainees anonymously told SHAN due to his security concern.

The authority has given permission to make a phone call to the three detainees; however, the allowed talking time is only one minute.

The man added, “We can contact with those detained at the police station, but we can talk one minute only. We couldn’t even ask about their well-being, their health, and their need within one minute.”

Those who are being captured at the Phaikhun police station are U Mg Lae, Mg Thiha, and Mg Saw Lu, and the missing ones are all young people and their names have yet to be identified.

All of those six people arrested are plain civilian farmers, and Myanmar army accused them of being People Defense Force (PDF) members.

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