IDPs Out Of Food In Kyaukme Township


Civilians forced to leave their homes by fighting between armed ethnic groups in Kyaukme Township have run out of food, according to a source helping them.

Kyaukme IDPs need foods
Kyaukme IDPs need foods

Several days ago, Loung Lian Han of the Shan Literature and Culture Association for Kyaukme Township told SHAN that more than 1,500 people living in the internally displaced persons (IDPs) camp in Hu Suan village tract have only enough food for the next couple of days. Most of them are women (seven are pregnant) and children, and there’s ten people with physical disabilities. He said the camps in Mong Ngor are also facing problems because they don’t have enough food.

“The IDPs are depressed because there’s not much food left and at the same time the fighting is getting closer to their camp,” a man from Hu Suan told SHAN.

Post-coup political instability and pandemic travel restrictions have hampered relief efforts to feed IDP camps in northern Shan State.

The conflict between the Restoration Council of Shan State and the allied forces of the Shan State Progress Party and the Ta’ang National Liberation Army has forced nearly 3,000 villagers to seek shelter in Mong Ting, Byein Hkar, Ner Moong, Nam Sawt, Kyu Shaw, Mang Hka, Mong Ngor and Hu Suan in Kyaukme Township.

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