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A crowd is seen in Panglaung market amid COVID-19 outbreak

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On October 18, 2021, Panglaung market has been reportedly full of people because of the trading day amid COVID-19 concerns.

Crowed in Panglaung market Day
Crowed in Panglaung market Day

“It is too crowded in the market. Today is the market trading day. That is the reason tons of people are shopping today, some people are not wearing masks,” a local woman told SHAN.

Those who are not wearing masks are not allowed into the market. Only those who are tested negative can enter into the market.

According to a Panglaung local volunteer “People without a mask are tested for COVID-19 outside the market entrance before making the entry. However, those who have a mask on are permitted into the market.”

Despite the spike of positive cases in Panglaung township, many people come to the market especially from the around villages.

Even though less positive cases are reported in the city of Pinlaung (Panglaung) township, much positive cases are seen in the rural villages. Those living in the city fear that outbreak will happen again because of the crowd in the market.  

“There has been less cases in town recently; however, the pandemic is still severe in the villages. More villagers are among the crowd in the market today, and full-moon day is also coming. So, I fear that COVID-19 will spread again,” the above local woman added.

Generally, in the past markets in Panglaung township are allowed to trade until 2 P.M.  

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