Burma Army raided a home of an NLD member in Pekon township


The military raided a home of an NLD member who is in charge of information department in Pekon township, Southern Shan state.

Pekon NLD member U Naing Lin Tun House
Pekon NLD member U Naing Lin Tun House

A few veterans and soldiers stormed into U Naing Lin Tun’s home around noon on October 12, 2021. He is an NLD member responsible for communication in Pekon township.

According to a local person “U Naing Lin Tun has not been living in the house for so long. Last time, they (soldiers) broke in and took some valuable items. This time, there are more of them and has done much more damages to the house.”

U Naing Lin Tun and his family have been on the run since revolution started and arrests have been made. Even though they are not at home, soldiers have been assaulting their house a few times.

“Soldiers, and a group of veterans called “Bhyu Saw Htee”  raided the house. Pointing their guns; yelling and threatening to shoot. So, nobody dares to go and check,” the local man told SHAN.

After the February 1st coup, Burma army has been arresting NLD leaders, members, and civilians. They were charged with many unlawful acts. U Naing Lin Tun is one of them, and he is now charged with multiples indictments.

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