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COVID-19 Cluster Detected In Cement Factory In Southern Shan State

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Fifty-seven tested positive in Panglaung Township last Wednesday, with almost half of the infections recorded in a 24 hour period arising from a outbreak in a cement factory.

Panglaung cement industry
Panglaung cement factory

A volunteer told SHAN the cluster of twenty-one cases in Nagar Cement Factory in Tigit ( Si Kip, in Shan) happened because they ignored health regulations to stop the spread of the pathogen in the town in southern Shan State.

Another source said “when some people get sick or lose their sense of smell, they do not go to the clinic or report it to other departments. This is why infection rate is so high in Pinlaung Township”.

Three police, a staff at Panglaung Hospital, and four employees from the town’s electrical department have also acquired COVID-19.

According to the township’s health department, until August 5, there have been 410 cases, of these 240 recovered and 7 died.

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