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Taunggyi Hospital Nears Capacity During COVID-19 Outbreak

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Health professionals in Taunggyi struggle to make room for incoming patients infected with COVID-19 as the outbreak spreads in the town in eastern Shan State along the Thai border.

Covid 19 patient at Taunggyi
Covid 19 patient at Taunggyi

Female patients recovering from the pathogen sleep alongside new patients in the children’s section of the hospital.

A woman soon to be released is concerned of reinfection after the hospital admitted eight new patients. She told SHAN over 50 people are using two toilets; only one is fully functional. “It’s really difficult to live here.”

There were 142 infections in Taunggyi from July 18-19. Two are General Administration Development staff. Out of 100 tests at a fever clinic in Thit Taw ward, 62 tested positive. Health staff detected 80 positive cases after testing 194 people at the Mogok Wipasana quarantine centre.

According to the Taunggyi Township Health Department, between June 1 and July 19, there were at least 700 infections in the township.

In northern Shan State, in Kyaukme Township, 32 tested positive on July 19, including 16 police officers. Among these infections, 4 people have died. There were 4 police transferred from Rakhine State and the other officers have been sent from other areas of the country. All of the police are undergoing quarantine in the city hall.

A man who lives near there told SHAN the police arrived to town in buses. “We didn’t know who they were or where they came from when they and their families arrived at city hall. They were going here and there, and they didn’t wear face masks, so we were afraid of them.”

The man said about 130 police recently sent to Kyaukme are in quarantine at various locations around the town.

After the military council closed the markets, vendors started selling things outside of quarantine centres. Another man told SHAN he is worried they will get sick and cause further outbreaks. There have been some sellers who tested positive, however, it is unclear how they acquired the virus.

Until July 19, there have been 300 transmissions in Kyaukme Township, while 12 people have died.

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