Military Council Arrests NLD MP in Southern Shan State


The military arrested a prominent National League for Democracy (NLD) MP in southern Shan State, targeted since the coup happened four months ago.

Tin Myint aka Maw Si NLD MP in Southern Shan State
Tin Myint aka Maw Si NLD MP in Southern Shan State

Armed forces arrived in six vehicles to grab Tin Myint (aka Maw Si) from his home in Ayethaya ward-5, in Taunggyi Township, this Sunday, June 6. The military beat up the NLD central committee member following his arrest around 11:30pm, a source close to the politician told SHAN.

Fearing authorities might try to arrest him, Tin Myint moved to a safe house. When he returned home, soldiers and police arrested him. No one knows where they are keeping the MP who won seats in the 2020 race.

The military council detained many NLD politicians since February 1, including State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi and President Win Myint. Authorities arrested them before the first session of Parliament could convene to validate the 2020 general election results. 

Last Friday, soldiers arrested seven youths in Hopon at night without cause, according to a source who lives in the town.

The military grabbed five youths in front of a house in Myo Oo ward and arrested two more passing by on a motorbike.

“When they saw the soldiers, they went back into their house. But they followed the youths inside and arrested them,” the man told SHAN. Authorities confiscated the motorbike and their phones.

Police are keeping them at Hopon Myoma Police Station and preventing family members from seeing them.

According to reports from locals, authorities arrested 13 people in the town since the coup.

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